What Our Client Says about our Services?

We found Shaperk to be a very helpful team with their software development services. They are very professional and do the job in timely manner.

Elias Kabir

Founder at Paykhom LTD.

I had no idea how to set up a website and marketing plan for my business, but now after working with Shaperk I feel confident I can do it myself.

Simon Bullard

Photographer | Portraiture at Simon Bullard Photography

Shaperk delivered code to my project on time and within budget. They did a great job with the work and I would be happy to use them again in the future.

Paul Tanner

Digital Director - Echelon | Made.com | M&S | Habitat

I have been working with Shaperk on a number of projects, and they have been amazing. They are very quick to respond and always come in under budget. I really like working with them.

Surya Batra

Head - Design and PR at Synerggie Group

Shaperk produces a web application that is highly customized to your needs. The team at Shaperk was able to create our particular project in a tight timeline and with very little input or modification on our behalf.

Alexander Kasaty

Founder at GoFuture With Love

Shaperk offers a wide range of solutions for startups, small businesses, and corporations. It is made to be affordable and easy to use. Shaperk has an excellent team that makes sure every project is done right.

Andrew Darmody

Aerospace Student at Purdue University

This is the best website development company that I've ever worked with. They are always making my website better and more user-friendly. They have an amazing design team who always manages to give me exactly what I'm looking for.

Keeshia Bautista

Executive Assistant at Crypto Fund Manager

Shaperk creates personalized, high-level web applications that are able to service the needs of your business. They provide a complete understanding of what they're doing while they create an app for you and offer services from consulting to development.

Phillip Chehet

CIO at CapSwag.com

We are an agile software development company, and Shaperk was instrumental in defining our approach and helping us develop a quality product in a very short time. We were able to launch our software in just 5 weeks, thanks to their help.

Mike Henson

Co-founder at Agaile Transformation company.

Shaperk has helped our business grow exponentially by turning an idea into a service that has increased our revenue. They have been very helpful and always take the time to make sure we understand what they are doing.

Bethany Shine

Communications Manager at The British Psychological Society.

The app's development was easy and fast. The features are great and it has a really slick interface. We received positive feedback from all the users. We have been able to build an app that will help us grow in the future with Shaperk.

Boyan Kraev

Team Lead at Allvotec.

Shaperk has helped us with our web application, they've been there all the way through the development process and have made it so much easier for us! We would highly recommend them to anyone.

Lewis Kirby

Helping Shopify store owners make sales without ads

I used shaperk to create a fun and interactive web application for our business. They delivered what they said in time, on budget and with great design quality.

Piotr Kulka

Global Account Lead

The best part of using this site is that they do a really good job with their customer service and I have never had to wait over 24 hours for a response! They also have great prices and I think their shipping options are just super.

Mark Young

Digital Streaming and Commerce Executive

Shaperk has been a great partner for our business. They have helped us in so many ways, and they have done it at a very reasonable cost. The team is helpful, and we always recommend them to our friends.

Vedran Vulicevic

Energy Healer at Better tomorrow for mother earth.

Shaperk offers first-class software programming services and their team is very knowledgeable in the fields of software development. With years of experience, they have created a number of well-liked software products.

Danielle DeLaine

CEO at The DeLaine Group.

I would recommend Shaperk to anyone who is looking for a talented, professional and reliable business partner. The team has proven to be very successful in transforming the traditional view of web development into an exciting, modern and innovative one.

Panagiotis Tambouridis

Cloud Transformation at Cloudw├╝rdig GmbH.

Shaperk is an amazing company. We have been in business for over 15 years and have worked with numerous clients from industry giants to small companies. They are always on time, take care of all the details and more importantly deliver a superior product.

Kristen Matysik

Associate Director, Strategy at Starcom.

I just wanted to say how wonderful Shaperk has been for our company. They are always there when we need them and they always work hard to please their customers. You always hear horror stories about people who have trouble with software but Shaperk is completely different and I would recommend them to any company.

Tarek Najm

Chief Technology Officer at Eureka AI.

Shaperk is an amazing company that understands the time and resource-intensive nature of web application development. The link with you personally, to plan a project timeline, so you can have everything you need on time. In addition, they are constantly working to improve their product, and services and make it as user-friendly and useful as possible. Every time I work with Shaperk I come away feeling like I've made a new friend.

Mohammad Jakir Hossain (PhD)

Divisional Officer, Forest Chemistry Division at Bangladesh Forest Research Institute (BFRI)

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