What is Social Media Design?

The graphics or visual elements are called social media designs that are specifically made for use on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, and more. It can be used for promotional purposes or general uses. These social media designs include thumbnail design, post photo design, cover photo design, banner design, and a lot more. Our social media design services include all of these things.

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Why is Social Media Design Important?

Graphical elements that are used on social media play a vital role in providing information faster and grab the users’ attention. A perfect design can easily describe the core message to our targeted users. Instead of regular line by line texts, people are highly interested in images. Besides this, a high-quality design can quickly describe a big thing without taking so much time of our users. For example, you want to write a post on Facebook or Twitter which promotes your products or any other things. If you write an extensive post without using any graphical element, people instantly can’t get an idea of what your post is about. They do not have much time to read every post’s full texts to know about them properly. Because social media users are always in a hurry, and they like to scroll quickly. For that reason, if you can’t grab the users’ attention on their first view, you will lose your potential customers. That’s why you must need to use useful and relevant graphical elements to enhance your social media posts, increase group members by adding a stunning group cover photo, get more views on your youtube videos by adding unique video thumbnails. But don’t know where to get perfect and attractive design elements? Here, the Shaperk team is ready to provide you all kinds of social media design solutions. Our expert and creative designers are always here to assist you. We provide all kinds of social media design services like social media post design services, social media banner design services, social media header & cover design services, thumbnail design services, and more.

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Our Social Media Design Services

Social Media Post Design

We provide custom high-quality and eye-catchy images as well as illustrations for social media posts. If you want to grab your user’s attention, build trustworthiness, provide the key information of a post, and increase user engagement, you must need to add relevant images to all of your social media posts. In this case, our expert art workers can provide perfect design solutions to you.

Social Media Post Design
Social Media Banner/Cover Design

Social Media Banner Design

Social Media Banners are the images that we can see at the top of any Facebook pages, Twitter pages, or any Youtube channels. Social media banners can help to create a brand identity of a social media page and increase users’ engagement. It is an additional branding space to introduce your business. A perfect and fascinating banner can drive more and more sales. In this way, a social profile plays a vital role in growing an online business. Our creative designers will do in-depth research and provide you the suitable social media banners.

Thumbnails Design

Thumbnail is a picture that is used as a preview of real content like Youtube video thumbnails, Vimeo thumbnail, Instagram video thumbnail, and more. For example, before playing a youtube video, the image that we can see, and it is not a part of that video, created as a custom-designed, it is called a video thumbnail. An attractive video thumbnail can easily convince users to click on your videos. Our designers are very expert at creating these video thumbnails. You can have a look at our portfolio section to get an idea of our design work.

Social Media Thumbnail Design

How Many Social Media Platforms Do We Provide Design Services to?


Facebook post images, Group cover photo, Banner, Facebook ad, Facebook app ad, Facebook event cover, Facebook shop, Facebook story, Animated Facebook cover, and more.


Instagram post, Instagram reels video, Instagram story, Newsroom Instagram post, Instagram ad, and more.


Twitter ad, Twitter header, Twitter post, Illustration Twitter header, and more.


LinkedIn Banner, LinkedIn Post, LinkedIn sponsored content, LinkedIn story, LinkedIn Video Add, and more.


youtube channel art, Youtube display ad, Youtube icon, Youtube thumbnail, and more.


Pinterest Pin Photo Design.


Twitch Banner Design.


Tumblr Banner, Tumblr Graphic.

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Why would You Choose Our Design?

  • Professional and Creative Designers.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Unlimited Revisions.
  • Friendly Communication.
  • Years of Experience.
  • Follow Latest Trends.
  • Use All the Latest and Premium Tools.
  • Give priority to our customers.
  • Excellent Support System.
  • Always Meet Deadlines.
  • Lots of Positive Rating.
  • Understanding of Graphic Elements and Audience.
  • Reasonable Price.

How We Work?

Discuss Your Project with Us

Firstly, contact us to discuss what kind of design you need. We will analyze your project in detail. Provide us your necessary requirements in this step.

Total Budget Casting & Price Negotiation

Depending on your project assessment, we will fix this project’s budget.

Creating the Design

After that, our designers will do an in-depth research before diving into the core design. They will analyze your audience perfectly. According to the researched information, our creative art worker will start the core designing. We can assure you that our design will help you to fulfill your intention.

Approval by Our Design Lead

Our design lead will define the whole process, and he will mentor all the things. After finishing the work, our lead designer will again review this, and if it meets the requirements, it will be approved.

Share Your Feedback & Revision

We will provide you a wireframe or outline at the very beginning of this project. And later, we will create the design and provide you that. You can share feedback and take revision also. Here, we are giving you unlimited revision opportunities.

Design Finalization

When it will meet all the requirements, we will finalize the design and submit it to you quickly. No need to worry about these steps. It will be completed within a short time.

How we works in social media design

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