What Does UI/UX Mean?

UI refers to the “User Interface,” and UX means the “User Experience.” In detail, UI design means designing any digital device like android apps, web applications, software, and more. UI design includes designing and determining different visual elements like color, shape, imagery, typography, icons, buttons, composition, structure, and much more. On the other hand, UX design improves the experience and feelings of using the UI elements while they feel good, threatening, or neutral. Plus, UX also works to make the UI elements easy to use for the users.

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Shaperk UI/UX Design Team

Shaperk UI/UX Design Team

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We are one of the best companies that provide all kinds of UI/UX design services in the USA and worldwide. We have a dedicated and creative team who are highly-skilled in UI/UX design. Shaperk is always ready to provide you the best UI/UX development services and solutions at a very reasonable price.

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What is the Difference Between UI and UX??

Though UI and UX work closely together, they have a lot of differences also. Now we will show you some differences between UI and UX:

UI Design UX Design
  • Audience analysis
  • Unique design research
  • Graphical elements creations
  • UI Prototype
  • Animations and interactivity
  • Responsive design
  • Information architecture
  • Working with developers
  • Competitor analyzing
  • User research
  • Ideas and goals
  • Product strategy
  • Content development
  • Product testing
  • Mapping
  • Look and feel
  • Working with UI designers
  • Why is UI and UX important?

    In the 21st century, everything is becoming digitalized day by day. Nowadays, people want to get any information quickly without spending much time on digital devices. Moreover, they also want to do their work very efficiently with software and other digital devices. For that reason, designing web apps, android apps, and software with proper planning is very important. People always like to use beautiful products. That’s why creating a perfect UI for your software and app will be very helpful. Doing better research on any apps or software’s user experience can help us create an object-oriented product. As a result, users will like to use the products more for being user-centered. Similarly, if you want to launch a new product in the market, you should do proper research on your product’s UI and UX. You have to launch a product that is better than your competitors. In this case, a perfect UI and UX design can be your primary weapon to stand out on the market. We hope that by reading this section, you have realized the importance of UI and UX.

    Why is UI and UX important

    Our UI/UX Design Services?

    Android App UI/UX Design

    We provide high-quality UI/UX design services for android mobile apps. Besides desktop users nowadays, mobile users also became the mainstream of the target audience. Android apps are built with some individual elements like app layout, notification design, app bar, navigation menu, refresh system, searching option, drag and drop feature, and more. Our extensive UX research will help you build your android apps comfortable and easy to use for the users.

    Website UI/UX Design

    Website UI and UX design is a prominent industry. In the 21st century, from small businesses to large businesses, everyone is trying to scale their business online. Companies, any kind of institution, even individual people also like to have a unique online identity. I think you can now realize the demand and importance of UI/UX design. Considering everything related to web UI and UX, we provide this service to customers. If you choose Shaperk, you don’t have to worry about the quality of our service.

    Software UI/UX Design

    Softwares are the programs that we run on our computer for doing various types of things. In the computer world, there is lots of software that we use on our computer. However, you will find various types of software for the same category. But not every software is popular among its customers. But why? The main reason behind it’s the UI and UX of software. If a software’s user interface is not looking good and users don’t feel comfortable and easy to use this software, they might not use this software again. They will start using the better one. That’s why it is essential to do a proper UI and UX design for any software. In this case, our UI/UX development services can provide you a better solution.

    Split Screens UI/UX Design

    In the market right now, split Screen is very trending for websites and mobile apps. Split-screen is very popular because it can attract more users to websites and mobile apps than any other design. It is creative, effective, and useful for the users. Our design team is highly skilled in creating this type of design. Contact us soon to get our design services.

    Story Telling, Character Design

    Creating a new UI/UX for websites, mobile apps, or software is essential to stand out in the market. For that reason, you have to create your visual interface as a custom character with storytelling. This design type is useful because it tells a story, creates an atmosphere, presents the mood benefits, and sets the platform’s tone. Our storytelling and custom character design service can provide you the best solution in this case.


    You can also take custom illustration and full-screen design services from us. We provide stunning and effective design services to our customers. Custom illustration makes a UI design more professional and perfect. Besides, full-screen background images can attract users emotionally. The whole layout looks very pretty and attractive for custom illustration and full-screen design. Besides all of this, we can also provide you with unique typography for your websites, mobile apps, or software.

    Our UI/UX Design Process

    Research and Analysis

    Determining the future goal of any website, app, or software. Besides this, we will also analyze the user behavior and action.

    Concept Presentation

    Developing the information architecture and defining the best solution.

    Creating the Wireframe

    At this stage, we will make the wireframe of the entire website, android app, or software. That will show you how it will look in the future.

    Fully Functioned UI and UX

    After that, we will create the fully functioned and clear UI/UX for the future app.

    Prototype Testing

    Before developing the final solution, we need to test the possibilities to know the UI and UX functionality and improve it more than before.

    Development Process

    After completing the stages stated earlier, we will deliver our UI/UX design to the developers for its final development.

    After Development Design

    When developing the software, there might come out some problems. For that reason, we have to solve the issues, fix the bugs and errors. Next, we will improve the design again according to the recommendation.

    How we works in UI - UX Design
    Why Choose Our UI - UX Design Services illustration
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    Why would You Choose Our Design?

    • Professional and Creative Designers.
    • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
    • Unlimited Revisions.
    • Friendly Communication.
    • Years of Experience.
    • Follow Latest Trends.
    • Use All the Latest and Premium Tools.
    • Give priority to our customers.
    • Excellent Support System.
    • Always Meet Deadlines.
    • Lots of Positive Rating.
    • Understanding of Graphic Elements and Audience.
    • Reasonable Price.

    How We Work?

    Discuss Your Project with Us

    Firstly, contact us to discuss what kind of design you need. We will analyze your project in detail. Provide us your necessary requirements in this step.

    Total Budget Casting & Price Negotiation

    Depending on your project assessment, we will fix this project’s budget.

    Creating the Design

    After that, our designers will do an in-depth research before diving into the core design. They will analyze your audience perfectly. According to the researched information, our creative art worker will start the core designing. We can assure you that our design will help you to fulfill your intention.

    Approval by Our Design Lead

    Our design lead will define the whole process, and he will mentor all the things. After finishing the work, our lead designer will again review this, and if it meets the requirements, it will be approved.

    Share Your Feedback & Revision

    We will provide you a wireframe or outline at the very beginning of this project. And later, we will create the design and provide you that. You can share feedback and take revision also. Here, we are giving you unlimited revision opportunities.

    Design Finalization

    When it will meet all the requirements, we will finalize the design and submit it to you quickly. No need to worry about these steps. It will be completed within a short time.

    How we works in UI - UX Design
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