What is On-page SEO?

On-page SEO is the process of optimizing a web page for indexing it in the search engine and giving the topic idea it is optimized for. On-page SEO strategies are applied both on web content and Html code of a web page. On the web, many webpages are optimized for a single topic or keyword. In this case, the webpage that is properly on-page SEO optimized for a topic better than others has the most chance to rank higher for the specific and other relevant issues in search engines. On the other hand, off-page SEO works with links and other external signals.

It's belongs with Keyword MappingKeyword Prominence and Proximity Optimization. URL, Title, Meta Description OptimizationContent OptimizationRich Snippets and Featured SnippetsHeader Tag OptimizationInternal links, External linksSitemap, Information ArchitectureImage and Multimedia OptimizationUser search VS Delivered content Relevance.Content Planning, Silo Structure Building

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“A Complete Solution for On-page and Other SEO Service.”

We are one of the best companies that provide on-page and other SEO related services in the USA and worldwide. We have a dedicated and experienced team who are highly-skilled in on-page and all types of SEO related works. Shaperk is always ready to provide you the best SEO services and solutions at a very reasonable price.

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Why Is On-page SEO Important?

On-page SEO is a core term of the whole SEO process. You can never rank higher in Google without doing on-page SEO properly. Here, we are describing the importance of on-page SEO.

On-page SEO helps search engines analyze and crawl your website.

It tells search engines whether your web content is perfect for any search query or not.

On-page SEO allows search engines to understand your website’s topics.

On-page SEO offers the best ROI out of any digital marketing strategy.

On-page SEO helps to rank higher in search engines.

Even a website that is appropriately on-page SEO optimized for a topic or keyword than its competitors but has fewer backlinks has more chance to rank on the top page than others.

On-page SEO Tools that We Use

On-page SEO Tools that We Use

  • Ahref
  • Surfer SEO
  • Moz On-Page Grader
  • Yoast SEO/Rank Math
  • Merkle’s Schema Markup Generator

On-page SEO Services We Offer

Optimize Your Website to Increase More Traffic and Sales

  • Keyword Mapping
  • Keyword Prominence and Proximity Optimization.
  • URL, Title, Meta Description Optimization
  • Content Optimization(Manual/Surfer SEO, LSI, Topical interest, Resources Mentioning, TF-IDF, Co occurred synonyms and search phrases, Co-citation anchoring, and more)
  • Rich Snippets and Featured Snippets
  • Header Tag Optimization
  • Internal links, External links
  • Sitemap, Information Architecture
  • Image and Multimedia Optimization
  • User search VS Delivered content Relevance.
  • Content Planning, Silo Structure Building
On-page SEO Services We Offer
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  • Professional and Creative Designers.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Unlimited Revisions.
  • Friendly Communication.
  • Years of Experience.
  • Follow Latest Trends.
  • Use All the Latest and Premium Tools.
  • Give priority to our customers.
  • Excellent Support System.
  • Always Meet Deadlines.
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  • Understanding of Graphic Elements and Audience.
  • Reasonable Price.

How We Work?

Discuss Your Project with Us

Firstly, contact us to discuss what kind of keyword research services you need. We will analyze your project in detail. Plus, in this step, we will ask you to submit your project's requirements.

Total Budget Casting & Price Negotiation

Depending on your project assessment, we will fix this project’s budget.

Starting the Project Work

After making a contract with us, our SEO workers will start working on your project. We will make a detailed plan to achieve your primary goal. Plus, we will analyze your audience correctly. Next, according to the researched information and planning, our SEO workers will start the core work. We can assure you that our service will help you to fulfill your purposes.

Approval by Our SEO Marketing Head

Our SEO manager will define the whole process, and he will mentor all the things. After finishing the work, our marketing lead will again review this, and if it meets all requirements, it will be approved.

Share Your Feedback & Revision

We will provide you an outline at the very beginning of this project. And later, we will start the main task. After finishing the work, we will deliver you that. In this step, you can share your feedback on our work. Plus, take revisions also if needed. Here, we are giving you unlimited revision opportunities.

SEO Project Finalization

When it meets all the requirements, we will finalize the project work and submit it to you quickly. No need to worry about these steps. These will be completed within a short time.

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