What Is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO means improving the technical issues of a website to improve its’ overall SEO performance. It helps a website to rank higher in Google and other search engines. Technical SEO includes website architecture, structured data, loading speed, mobile-friendliness, voice search optimization, and more.

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Why is Technical SEO Important?

You can never finish telling the importance of technical SEO. Google’s last few updates tell us that lack of excellent technical SEO optimization can impact the overall SEO health. Now we are describing some importance of technical SEO:

  • Firstly, you can never rank higher in search engines without optimizing the technical issues properly.
  • Technical SEO controls the performance of a website.
  • Solving technical issues becomes very useful for website visitors.
  • Technical SEO optimization increases the conversion rate.
  • Without technical SEO optimization, your website’s bounce rate will increase rapidly.
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Shaperk Technical SEO Service Team

“A Complete Solution for Technical SEO and Other Related Services”

We are one of the best companies that provide technical and other SEO related services in the USA and worldwide. We have a dedicated and experienced team who are highly-skilled in technical and all types of SEO related works. Shaperk is always ready to provide you the best SEO services and solutions at a very reasonable price.

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Technical SEO Services that We Offer

Technical SEO Audit

We provide technical SEO audit services for any website. We will perform an in-depth audit to solve all types of technical issues, including crawling & indexing, website responsiveness, robots.txt, website speed optimization, and more. In a word, we provide A to Z technical SEO audit service for any website.

Crawling and Indexing

Sometimes, your website may face difficulty to be crawlable for search engines. On the other hand, your web pages may not also be indexed. Over the past few years, we have developed some unique strategies to solve these two problems quickly. You can take our service if you face crawling and indexing problems.

Duplicate Content and URL Handling

If your site has duplicate contents, you will never rank in Google. We will solve your duplicate content issue problems with every URL handling. We will audit the site’s all contents from the perspective of technical issues and give you the perfect solution in this case.

Website Functionality and Usability

One of the most important things is that your website needs to be easy to use for all users, and it should function properly in any case. Moreover, navigation should be very flexible throughout the website. If you want to test whether your site is like that or not, you can contact us.

Schema Markup & Structured Data Implement

Schema markup is a form of microdata. Implementation of presenting all the information can help you to get higher rankings. Shaperk is always ready to provide you this service.

Custom Backlink Service

You can also get custom backlink services from us as you need. Discuss your project with us so that we can realize what types of backlinks do you need. Also tell us, how many backlinks you will need in a fixed time. After that, we will also share our plan with you.

Multilingual SEO

Offering your website contents for multiple languages is an excellent idea for increasing your website traffic worldwide. If you need multilingual SEO services, you can knock us.

Website Speed Optimization

Search engines give direct penalties to websites that are slow at loading and browsing. It has become a specialized work to improve speed of all types of websites. Here, at Shaperk, we have highly-skilled workers who are well-trained in speed optimization. If you need this great service from us, contact us quickly.

Mobile Friendliness

Mobile-friendly websites provide a great user experience to website visitors. The majority number of online users now browse the internet from mobile. For that reason, it is really important to design a responsive website for all types of websites. We have a fantastic web development team who are always ready to provide you with the best website design solution.

Migration without Losing SEO value

In some cases, migrating websites became very difficult for fewer websites. But no need to worry. Our experienced team can easily migrate your website from one server to another without losing any SEO value. Leave your problem to us, go to sleep, and get the easy solution after waking up.

Crawl Optimization, Htaccess, & UX

If you want to increase your crawl budget, then you should take our consultancy. It is an important thing to index your site. If your site architecture has a problem, our team can find it easily. Without all of these, we will also provide you with suggestions to improve the UX of your website.

Integrate Social Sharing

Integrating social sharing to a website is very easy but suitable integration is not possible without proper research. Instead of randomly integrating it, take our service and get the appropriate solution for this.

Optimizing Site for Voice Search

People are becoming very time-savvy day by day. Technology is making everything very easy for us. The number of voice searches is increasing rapidly. If you want to rank your website for voice searches also, optimize your websites for it. Don’t know how to do it? No worry. Shaperk is here to provide you the service of optimizing your site for voice searches.

Google Search Console Problem Solving

Google search console provides the data of technical issues very nicely. If any problem happens to your website, it will notify you instantly. Manually, it is sometimes hard to find any technical issues. But the google search console made it easy for us. We will analyze your search console data and provide you the best solution for any type of problem.

Search Engine Penalty Recovery

We know very well how to get back a website’s rank that got a penalty recently. We will audit your website and find the reasons for the site's penalty. After that, we will solve all the issues step by step. In this case, if you need any effective consultancy, you can contact Shaperk.

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  • Professional and highly-skilled SEO workers.
  • Connection with 5000+ Bloggers and Influencers.
  • White-hat Link Building Strategy.
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  • Friendly communication.
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  • Excellent understanding of SEO components.
  • Reasonable price.

How We Work?

Discuss Your Project with Us

Firstly, contact us to discuss what kind of technical SEO services you need. We will analyze your project in detail. Plus, in this step, we will ask you to submit your project's requirements.

Total Budget Casting & Price Negotiation

Depending on your project assessment, we will fix this project’s budget.

Starting the Project Work

After making a contract with us, our SEO workers will start working on your project. We will make a detailed plan to achieve your primary goal. Plus, we will analyze your audience correctly. Next, according to the researched information and planning, our SEO workers will start the core work. We can assure you that our service will help you to fulfill your purposes.

Approval by Our SEO Marketing Head

Our SEO manager will define the whole process, and he will mentor all the things. After finishing the work, our marketing lead will again review this, and if it meets all requirements, it will be approved.

Share Your Feedback & Revision

We will provide you an outline at the very beginning of this project. And later, we will start the main task. After finishing the work, we will deliver you that. In this step, you can share your feedback on our work. Plus, take revisions also if needed. Here, we are giving you unlimited revision opportunities.

SEO Project Finalization

When it meets all the requirements, we will finalize the project work and submit it to you quickly. No need to worry about these steps. These will be completed within a short time.

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