What Is Link Building?

Link building is the strategy of creating backlinks to any website. There are a few numbers of link building strategies and link types like outreach backlinks, foundation links, monthly SEO backlinks, backlinks from authority sites, broken link building, skyscraper link building, broken link building strategy, resource page link building, and more. If we want to understand it more clearly, then we should realize properly what a backlink is. When we read any content on the web, we can see some hyper references or links, by which we can visit a different web page of the same website or another website. In this way, when a website links to another website, that means the first website giving a backlink to the second website. The process of getting this type of backlink is called link building.

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“A Complete Solution for Link Building and Other SEO Service.”

We are one of the best companies that provide link building and other SEO related services in the USA and worldwide. We have a dedicated and experienced team who are highly-skilled in link building and all types of SEO related works. Shaperk is always ready to provide you the best SEO services and solutions at a very reasonable price.

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We average 5-star reviews from trusted online sources such as Facebook, Google and Trustpilot! Read our client reviews to gain a better understanding of the kind of service we are capable of providing to help grow businesses like yours.


Are Backlinks Still Important?

By analyzing the recent google updates, we can say that search engines prioritize the users’ demand more than all SEO components. So we should be more focused on those SEO components that meet user demands and are beneficial for the users. Though backlinks do not directly help the users, it is still considered one of the essential aspects for higher rankings in search engines.

It’s almost impossible to rank higher in search engines without backlinks.

High-quality backlinks create the authority of a website.

Some SEO experts consider backlinks as the number one ranking factor for higher rankings.

Backlinks can drive more traffic from other websites to your websites.

Getting links from high-profile websites gives search engines a good signal.

Backlinks can help your web contents to get indexed on search engines quickly.

Our Link Building Services

Basic/Foundation Backlinks

Foundation backlinks are important to make your website appear on the web. We have an expert SEO team who can create high-quality foundation links, web 2.0 links, social signals, bookmarks, and more for you.

Monthly SEO Backlinks

To maintain regularity to your work, you need to do link building regularly. If you are not free enough to do your job to do link building monthly, you can take our service. Here are our monthly SEO backlinks packages:

Regular(5 links/month): DR 20-29: 2 Links, DR 30-39: 2 Links, DR 40-49: 1 Link, Manual Outreach, Niche Relevancy, Daily SERP Tracking, Backlinks Audit.

Booster(10 links/month): DR 20-29: 4 Links, DR 30-39: 5 Links, DR 40-49: 1 Link, Manual Outreach, Niche Relevancy, Daily SERP Tracking, Backlinks Audit.

Champion(14 links/month): DR 20-29: 4 Links, DR 30-39: 5 Links, DR 40-49: 3 Links, DR 50-59: 1 Link, DR 60-69: 1 Link, Manual Outreach, Niche Relevancy, Daily SERP Tracking, Backlinks Audit.

Outreach Backlinks

Earning links via guest posting is a popular strategy of link building. It is also the most white hat link-building method. If you think that you have a quality website and need high-quality backlinks from authority websites, we are ready to hear from you. Our advanced link-building tactics can bring you quality backlinks from high DA-PA websites. Contact us quickly to know more in detail.

Authority Backlinks

We use different tactics to get authority backlinks from popular websites. We will outreach your existing contents to your niche relevant websites and get you high-quality backlinks. Nowadays, getting quality backlinks from high profile websites is very hard. But our hard SEO workers are making this hard thing possible. Here, at Shperk, you can get your desired backlink services.

Backlinks Audit

Your work is not finished after building backlinks only. The backlinks that you earn or get naturally also need to be better quality links. Your backlinks profile should be checked regularly after a certain period. We have an SEO expert team who has explicit knowledge of link building and backlinks related issues.

Custom Backlink Service

You can also get custom backlink services from us as you need. Discuss your project with us so that we can realize what types of backlinks do you need. Also tell us, how many backlinks you will need in a fixed time. After that, we will also share our plan with you.

Our Link Building Process illustration

Our Link Building Process

  • Spying Competitors & Analyzing their Links
  • Decision-making: what types of links needed
  • Website Power Page Building
  • Assessing Human Resources, Content & Budgeting
  • Making A Week-to-Week working Plan
  • Link Campaign Starting:
    • a) Prospecting Link Building Opportunities.
    • b) Outreach and Content Publication.
    • c) Link Reporting and Monitoring.

Link Auditing & Bad Backlinks Removal(Our Working Steps)

  • Analyzing Backlinks Sources & Links Qualities
  • Identifying Backlinks Weight
  • Decision-making: Which Links will be Removed
  • Link Removing Approach
  • Manual Penalty Reconsideration
Link Auditing & Bad Backlinks Removal(Our Working Steps)
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Why would You Choose Us?

  • Professional and highly-skilled SEO workers.
  • Connection with 5000+ Bloggers and Influencers.
  • White-hat Link Building Strategy.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Unlimited revisions.
  • Friendly communication.
  • Years of experience.
  • Follow the latest trends.
  • Latest and premium tools.
  • Customers’ priority.
  • Excellent support system.
  • Always meet deadlines.
  • Lots of positive ratings.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.
  • Excellent understanding of SEO components.
  • Reasonable price.

How We Work?

Discuss Your Project with Us

Firstly, contact us to discuss what kind of link building services you need. We will analyze your project in detail. Plus, in this step, we will ask you to submit your project's requirements.

Total Budget Casting & Price Negotiation

Depending on your project assessment, we will fix this project’s budget.

Starting the Project Work

After making a contract with us, our SEO workers will start working on your project. We will make a detailed plan to achieve your primary goal. Plus, we will analyze your audience correctly. Next, according to the researched information and planning, our SEO workers will start the core work. We can assure you that our service will help you to fulfill your purposes.

Approval by Our SEO Marketing Head

Our SEO manager will define the whole process, and he will mentor all the things. After finishing the work, our marketing lead will again review this, and if it meets all requirements, it will be approved.

Share Your Feedback & Revision

We will provide you an outline at the very beginning of this project. And later, we will start the main task. After finishing the work, we will deliver you that. In this step, you can share your feedback on our work. Plus, take revisions also if needed. Here, we are giving you unlimited revision opportunities.

SEO Project Finalization

When it meets all the requirements, we will finalize the project work and submit it to you quickly. No need to worry about these steps. These will be completed within a short time.

How we works in Link Building Campaign